Oops! I Pooped My Pants

It was a long night of drinking in college and I lived in the fraternity house. I am not sure where my roommates were, but by the end of the night I was alone in my room. After I got ready for bed, I realized I was pretty drunk and it was probably best if I peed before I laid down so I wouldnt have to get up again. By this time I was wearing just my boxers. I stood over the toilet and while peeing, like most guys, I felt a fart coming on. I am not gonna lie, I enjoy a good fart.  So I decided to test the acoustics in my bathroom and gave it a bit of an extra push. No sooner did I do that than I realized my mistake. It wasn't your typical leakage or hersey squirt, it was the factory. It was the pudding kind, the extra mushy kind, the long night of drinking kind. What made matters worse is just being in my boxers. There sure wasn't much to catch it before it poured out onto the floor and seeped into the u-shaped mat surrounding the toilet. I did my best to clean up that night.; I felt like I was cleaning up after a dog who wasn't house trained. I ended up throwing out the bath mat and went to bed. The next morning I was a bit hazy from the night before, but not 10 seconds after I woke up did I remember what I had done. As I was getting out of bed I realized that I still had streaks of poop running up my leg. I had slept in my own filth that night.  I am not sure if it was the booze from the night before or the situation, but I felt like crap all that next day nonetheless.